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Customized AC Drives and DC Drives as a cost savings solution for original equipment manufacturers

KB Electronics, Inc.

KB Electronics, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL, a manufacturer of AC drives and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, offers services to customize a motor drive to the specific manufacturing needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). KB will develop a custom drive solution, Ready to Use “Out-of-the-Box.”

“Purchasing a custom drive from KB is a cost savings for an OEM,” says Alan Bueller, vice president of sales, KB. “You can reduce your costs by purchasing the exact drive with only the features and options required for your application.”

Installation of a custom drive is as simple as taking the drive out of the box and installing it in the equipment, resulting in additional labor cost savings.

Customization can include pre-calibrating or programming a stock control, adding a custom label, custom software, PLC functions or, if required, providing a newly designed control. KB’s engineers will collaborate with the OEM’s engineering team to build a custom drive that meets their specific needs.

Custom controls are available for AC, PMSM, DC, DC brushless, PSC, Shaded Pole and Universal motors.

About KB Electronics, Inc.

Since 1967, KB Electronics, Inc. has dedicated itself to manufacturing the best AC drives and DC drives. KB designs and builds, in the United States, over 200 control models to serve the fractional to 5 horsepower market. KB’s distribution includes over 800 distributor locations in over 30 countries. The company prides itself in being able to provide customization to any of their motor drive products, thereby allowing their customers to purchase a product specific to their manufacturing needs.

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