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KBAC Hybrid Drive For Misting Pumps - Case Study

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

Misting Pumps AC Motor Drive

Customer: Misting Systems Manufacturer
Location: USA
Application: Misting Pumps
Drive: KBAC Hybrid Drive
Ratings: 230 VAC motor from either 115 or 230 VAC single phase
Horsepower: 1 or 2 HP
Enclosure: NEMA 4X
Drive Review: Industry Standard for Mist Pumps
Misting Systems Pumps are used for a variety of applications; from keeping customers cool on a restaurant patio during hot summer months to maintaining the environment for livestock on a farm.
The manufacturer for this case study wanted the ability to automate the process for different misting systems and eliminate the need for user action.
Misting systems typically have multiple zones, capable of being turned on and off individually. The misting pump speed must be varied to maintain constant pressure regardless of how many zones are operating.
This was achieved by using a transducer to monitor the pressure in the misting system. The KBAC Drive regulates the pressure with a custom closed loop control regardless of any changes.
The KBAC Hybrid Drive from KB Electronics
Is the industry standard for misting pumps.
In addition, the customer benefited from using KB's auxiliary power supply for the transducer saving them the cost of sourcing a separate power supply.
The manufacturer also wanted special timing, safety, and diagnostic features to enhance their product further and the tools to quickly get their end users setup and running in a timely fashion.
KB achieved all of this with custom software which was built into the drive.
In conclusion, the manufacturer came to KB with a problem, KB listened and delivered a valuable solution, which brought a new design to life.
The KBAC Hybrid Drive offers all the technology of a digital
drive with the simplicity of use of an analog drive.
Founded in 1967, KB Electronics, Inc. produces, stocks and distributes (to more than 800 locations in 30 countries) over 200 models of off the shelf and customizable motor drive controls that are cost effective, easy to operate, and offer the exact control for each application.
More Information:
To find out more about how KB Electronics range of Hybrid AC Drives and other drives that may assist in your application, please visit www.kbelectronics.com.
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