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Application:  DC Battery Operated Stair Lift Control

Elderly or wheelchair-bound individuals use stair lift equipment to move up and down a flight of stairs. Ease of operation and reliability are important features of this product.

A motor and drive control the speed of the chair lift and enable it to stop and start in a smooth manner. The application requires a battery powered DC to DC drive that can be remote controlled and is capable of charging and maintaining the battery.

KB Solution:

The choice for this application is a newly designed control, the KBSL. KB’s engineers worked with the customer to develop the exact drive needed for this application.

Custom software and hardware inputs allow the customer to determine power up features, up/down logic and limit switches to control movement.

Customization includes being able to operate the lift from the chair controls or a handheld infrared remote control. An on board buzzer is programmed to notify the user at the start of operation and when the battery voltage is low. The customized battery charger operation maintains a constant voltage of 28.8 volts.

Adjustments include customer settable jumpers to allow selection of features including preset speeds and start up delays. Additional jumper adjustments allow the customer to select the remote channel ID and activate the brake function which contains short circuit protection.

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