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KB Electronics, Inc. expands its NEMA 4X / IP65 Hybrid™ Drive*line to 10HP by introducing its new KBAC series models Rated 5HP @ 230 VAC and 10HP @ 460 VAC.

Coral Springs, FL- March 9, 2016- KB Electronics, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL,  a manufacturer of AC and DC drives expands its NEMA 4X drive offering with new KBAC Hybrid models rated 5HP @ 230 VAC and 10HP @ 460 VAC.

Model KBAC-217 is rated 5HP and operates from a 230 VAC line. Model KBAC-416 is rated 10HP and operates from a 460 VAC line.  The drives are housed in a rugged NEMA 4X / IP65 die-cast aluminum enclosure with a hinged cover.  They are washdown and watertight for indoor and outdoor use.

S-suffix models (e.g. KBAC-217S) contain a factory installed On/Off AC Line Switch.  The switch is equipped with a mechanical interlock that prevents the drive cover from being opened unless the switch is set to the OFF ("O") position.  The switch also contains a safety lockout feature that can be used with a padlock which prevents the drive from being turned on while the related equipment is being serviced. 

AC Line Filter (Available for all Models)

Provides Class "A" RFI (EMI) suppression.  Complies with CE Council Directive 89/336/EEC Industrial Standard.  Add suffix "F" to any drive model.

“We are pleased to expand our product line of motor controls up to 10HP”. “This new model series of KBAC drives, in addition to a full line of accessories, will expand our market share and is a great addition to our product line.” –


  • Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch (Part No. 8888): Provides motor reversing and stop functions.
  • Run-Stop-Jog Switch (Part No. 8889): Selects speed setting from either the Main Speed Potentiometer or the JOG Trimpot.
  • Signal Isolator (Part No. 8890): Provides isolation between a non-isolated signal source and the drive.
  • Auto/Manual Switch (Part No. 8891): When used with the Signal Isolator, it selects the remote process signal or the Main Speed Potentiometer.
  • Liquidtight Fittings (Part No. 8892): Provides a liquidtight seal for wiring the drive.  Kit includes necessary liquidtight fittings.

* Note: A Hybrid Drive is a Digital Drive with an analog interface.

About KB Electronics, Inc.

Since 1967, KB Electronics, Inc. has dedicated itself to manufacturing motor speed controls.  KB designs and builds over 200 motor speed control models in the United States to serve the fractional to 10 horsepower market. KB’s distribution includes over 800 distributor locations in over 30 countries. KB prides itself in being able to provide customization to any of their motor drive products, thereby allowing their customers to purchase a product specific to their application. For more information on KB Electronics, Inc. – A Nidec Company - please visit www.kbelectronics.com.

Follow us on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/company/kb-electronics-inc-

and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KB_Electronics . ###

New Battery Powered DC/DC Motor Speed Control

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of Variable Speed AC and DC Motor Controls

KB Electronics, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL, a manufacturer of AC and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, introduces two battery powered DC/DC low voltage motor speed controlmodels. The KBBW Series of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC/DC motor speed controls provide excellent dynamic response to load variations. The efficient PWM waveform produces an almost pure DC current to the motor which provides low audible motor noise, and long brush life. Pulse-by-pulse current limit provides short circuit protection and prevents control damage due to shorted motors. Model KBBW-12 operates on 12 VDC and model KBBW-22 operates on 24 VDC.

“We are pleased to continually deliver quality drives to our customers" reports Vice President of Sales, Alan Bueller. “The new KBBW drives expand our DC product line to now include a low voltage speed control.”

The Plug-In Horsepower Resistor® (PHR) (supplied separately) eliminates the need for recalibrating the IR Compensation and Current Limit settings when the control is used on various horsepower motors. Quick-connect terminals are standard for all connections to the drive. Adjustable trimpots allow the drive to be tailored to specific applications. The Inhibit Circuit can be used to stop and start the drive electronically with a switch or contact.

The 5 kΩ potentiometer (supplied), a 0 – 5 Volt DC analog signal, or a PWM microprocessor output signal can be used to control motor speed.

The optional Auxiliary Heat Sink Kit (Part No. 9142) increases the drive's current rating from 14 Amps DC to 20 Amps DC.

Download a copy of the KBBW Data Sheet..

KB Employee Graduates from Drill Sergeant Academy

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of Variable Speed AC and DC Motor Controls

KB is proud to report that Sergeant Guillermo Cruz, Applications Engineer at KB Electronics, Inc. recently attended Drill Sergeant Academy at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He is part of the 2ND BGD 231st E CO Army Reserve Unit in Miami, FL that offers support to the Basic Combat Training Units at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The Drill Sergeant Academy is an intense course that consists of ARMY PRT (Physical Readiness Training), Drill and Ceremonies, American Weapons, Combat Life Saver, Army Combative, and Warrior Drills.

Sergeant Cruz graduated with the second highest percentage (93% GPA) of his class of 100.




KB Employee Participates in Special Olympics games

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of Variable Speed AC and DC Motor Controls

KB Electronics, Inc. employee Kimberly Tognan, joined by her father and fellow KB employee, Bob Tognan, took to the slopes at the Special Olympics South Eastern Alpine & Snowboarding games on Feb, 1-3, 2015 at the Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The event was organized by Special Olympics of Broward County. Kim and her father participate in several events throughout the year. http://www.appskimtn.com.


Introducing a New AC Digital Drive: Model KBWK-23D

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

KB Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of AC drives and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, introduces a new AC digital drive to their current product line. The new KBWK-23D operates with either a 115 or 230V AC line, is housed in a NEMA 1 / IP 20 enclosure, and features a digital display with LED status indicators. This drive is rated for 3-phase induction motors to 1/2 horsepower. Common Sense Programming (CSP™) is included, which organizes parameters into easy to understand intuitive groups.

“We are pleased to continually deliver quality AC drives to our customers" reports Vice President of Sales, Alan Bueller. “This new KBWK drive is a digital version of our popular KBWA Series Hybrid Drive and is a great addition to our expanding AC drive product line.”

The UL approved proprietary current limit software provides motor overload protection, prevents motor burnout, and eliminates nuisance tripping. The KBWK drive offers energy savings using only the power the application requires. GFCI software allows the drive to operate with Ground Fault Circuit Interruption circuit breakers or outlets.

Download a copy of the KBWK Product Brochure

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