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KB Electronics, Inc. Introduces a New Hybrid Drive™ Model KBWA

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

KB Electronics, Inc. Introduces a New Hybrid Drive™ Model KBWA, an AC Digital Drive with Analog Interface

KB Electronics, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL, a manufacturer of AC drives and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, introduces a new Hybrid Drive™ to their current product line. KB is the first manufacturer of variable frequency drives to apply the term Hybrid Drive to a segment of their AC drive line.

A hybrid, by definition, is the merging of two technologies. These drives combine the digital technology of the microprocessor with an easy to use analog interface. Simple trimpot adjustments and selectable jumpers are used in lieu of complicated programming.

The new KBWA Series drives operate on either 115 or 230 VAC. The KBWA-23D is housed in a vented NEMA 1 / IP 20 enclosure and is rated through ½ HP. Model KBWA-22D is housed in a non-vented NEMA 1 / IP 50 enclosure and is rated through ¼ HP.

“We are pleased to continually deliver quality AC drives to our customers." reports Alan Bueller, vice president sales, KB. “This new KBWA drive is a great addition to our growing AC drive product line. We plan to expand our current offering of AC and DC drives, as the market demands.”

The proprietary current limit software provides overload protection, prevents motor burnout and eliminates nuisance tripping. It is UL approved as an electronic overload protector for motors. The KBWA drive offers energy savings, using only the power the application requires. Replacing constant speed with variable speed will significantly reduce energy costs. GFCI software, with factory programming, allows the equipment to operate with Ground Fault Circuit Interruption circuit breakers or outlets.

Download a copy of the KBWA Product Brochure 

KBWA Series Hybrid Drive combining digital and analog technologies

About KB Electronics, Inc.

Since 1967, KB Electronics, Inc. has dedicated itself to manufacturing the best AC drives and DC drives. KB designs and builds, in the United States, over 200 motor speed control models to serve the fractional to 5 horsepower market. KB’s distribution includes over 800 distributor locations in over 30 countries. The Company prides itself in being able to provide customization to any of their motor drive products, thereby allowing their customers to purchase a product specific to their application.


NEMA 1 Enclosure Versus a NEMA 4X Enclosure?

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

 What is the difference between a KB Drive with a NEMA 1 enclosure and a NEMA 4X enclosure?

NEMA enclosures, in general, are designed to prevent electrical shock by protecting the user from incidental contact with the components contained within.

KB’s NEMA 1 drives provide a degree of protection against falling dirt. They are equipped with knockouts for standard electrical fittings.

KB’s NEMA 4X drives are constructed with a rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure with a hinged cover. They offer watertight integrity, which makes them ideal for harsh washdown indoor or outdoor applications. They are equipped for use with liquidtight electrical fittings.

Find the right drive for your application with KB's DriveSearch™tool.


Custom AC Drive for a Boat Lift

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

Application: AC Drive for a Boat Lift

A boat lift is designed to store a boat out of the water when not in use and place it into the water when ready to be used.  Typical applications include private boats stored adjacent to lakes, rivers, or canals.  The system requires a Drive that can endure a harsh outdoor environment and contain inputs for limit switches.  The drive must also be capable of operating when wired to a GFCI circuit, must be simple to operate, and it must also contain Pass Code Protection.

KB Solution:

KB engineers selected model KBDA-27D with a custom Input/Output module.  The drive is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure which makes it suitable for outdoor use.  It is rated for 1HP-3Ømotors and can operate from either a 115 or 230VAC line. 

Custom software was developed by KB which incorporated the specifications required for the application: 

  1. Dedicated input for high/low limit switches
  2. Tamper proof pass code system to prevent unauthorized use
  3. GFCI circuit operation
  4. Dedicated input for remote control operation

A custom front label was developed which included the customer’s logo and special functions. In addition, the drive is factory programmed for Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box”. Read more Case Studies on our website.

Custom AC Drive for a Boat Lift

Can KB’s AC Drives operate with GFCI?

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

GFCI’s will trip when used with most AC Drives.  KB’s AC Drives contain special software to allow them to operate with GFCI circuits. This is a standard feature on our Digital AC Drives and optional, with factory programming, on all AC Hybrid Drives.


Where can I buy KB Electronics products?

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

KB designs and manufactures more than 200 control models to serve the fractional to 5HP market.  For standard controls, all sales must be processed through an authorized distributor.  You can find a local distributor by using the locator on our website. 

For OEM applications, KB will provide a custom control that is Ready to Use “Out-of-the-Box”.  Contact our Sales Department for custom drive requirements.

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