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DC Drives Accessories and DC Products
Speed Control Accessories
Part No.
Data Sheet
KBBW Accessory        
Heat Sink Kit 9142   Manual  
KBIC Accessories        
Combination Fuse Kit for Motor Armature & AC Line
(Fuses not included)
9849 Data Details
KBIC Barrier Terminal Kit 9863 Data Details
KBIC Barrier Terminal Board 9884 Data Details
KBIC Signal Isolator (SI-5) 9443 Data Manual Details
KBMM Accessories        
KBMM Finger Safe Cover (Note: Requires removing on-board
fuse holders)
KBMM Barrier Terminal Kit 9883 Data Details
KBMM Barrier Terminal Board 9897 Data Details
KBMM Signal Isolator (SI-6) 9444 Data Manual Details
KBMM Run-Brake Module (Includes DB Resistor) 9952   Manual  
KBIC & KBMM Accessories        
Auxiliary Heatsink 7" 9861 Data Details
Din Rail Mounting Kit, for "L" bracket Controls 9995 Data Details
Reversing Switch (DB Resistor Sold Separately) 9844    
Run Brake Module (Stand Alone) (DB Resistor Sold Separately) (discontinued) 9463    
Dynamic Braking Resistor, 10 ohm, 70 Watt 9865    
Dynamic Braking Resistor, 10 ohm, 30 Watt 9864    
KBWD/KBWS Accessories        
Combination Fuse Kit for KBWS Only (Fuses not included) 9849 Data Details
KBMG Accessories        
SIMG, Bi-Polar Signal Isolator, plugs on top of KBMG 8832 Data Manual  
Multi Speed Board 8833 Data Manual  
KBRG Accessories        
SI-4X KBRG Bi-Polar Signal Isolator, plugs into KBRG controls 8801 Data Manual  
4-Quad Accel/Decel, plugs into KBRG controls (discontinued) 8803 Data  
KBMD Accessories        
7" Auxiliary Heatsink 9861 Data Details
Forward-Brake-Reverse Mechanical Switch (includes DB Resistor) 9860 Data Manual Details
KBPC/KBPW Accessories        
Forward-Brake-Reverse Mechanical Switch (for Model 240D Only) 9339   Manual  
Anti Plug Reversing Module (APRM-PC) w/Switch Kit
(for Model 240D Only)
9378   Manual  
On/Off AC Line Switch Kit (for Model 240D Only) 9341    
Run-Stop-Jog Switch Kit 9340 Data  
Auto/Manual Switch Kit 9377    
Start/Stop Switch Kit 9393    
KBRC Accessories        
Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch Kit 9485 Data  
On/Off Line Switch Kit 9486 Data  
Auto/Manual Switch Kit 9487 Data  
SIRC, Bi-Polar Signal Isolator, installs inside KBRC 8842 Data  
Accessories for all Controls        
KBSI-240D KBSI Signal Isolator 9431 Data Manual  
Choke, 3 wire (installs between Control and AC Motor 9992 Data Manual  
Choke, 2 wire, AC Line or DC Motor 9993 Data Manual  
KBRF-200A CE Approved AC Line Filter for SCR Controls (Class A) 9945 Data Manual Details
KBRF-250 CE Approved AC Line Filter Attaches Under L-Bracket
SCR Controls (Class A)
9509 Data  
KBRF-300 CE Approved AC Line Filter (Class B) 9484 Data Manual  
KBRF-350 CE Approved AC Line Filter Attaches Under KBVF &
L-Bracket Controls (Class B)
9511 Data  
Conductive Plastic Potentiometer 5K (No Switch) 9111 Data Details
Conductive Plastic Potentiometer 5K (w/On-Off Switch) 9114    
Wire Wound Potentiometer 5K (No Switch) 9831 Data Details
Replacement Potentiometer Kit for NEMA-4X Controls 9510  
Seal Kit for NEMA-4X Controls when Start/Stop Switch is removed 9518  
Knob and Dial Kit - Large Dial Plate (2.25" x 2.06") 9832 Data Details
Knob and Dial Kit - Small Dial Plate (1.62" x 1.50") 9815 Data Details
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