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KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

Hybrid AC Motor Drives

Advertisement for Hybrid AC Drives in Design World magazine.


Introducing a New AC Digital Drive: Model KBWK-23D

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

KB Electronics, Inc., a manufacturer of AC drives and DC drives from fractional through 5 horsepower, introduces a new AC digital drive to their current product line. The new KBWK-23D operates with either a 115 or 230V AC line, is housed in a NEMA 1 / IP 20 enclosure, and features a digital display with LED status indicators.

This drive is rated for 3-phase induction motors to 1/2 horsepower. Common Sense Programming (CSP™) is included, which organizes parameters into easy to understand intuitive groups.

“We are pleased to continually deliver quality AC drives to our customers" reports Vice President of Sales, Alan Bueller. “This new KBWK drive is a digital version of our popular KBWA Series Hybrid Drive and is a great addition to our expanding AC drive product line.”

The UL approved proprietary current limit software provides motor overload protection, prevents motor burnout, and eliminates nuisance tripping. The KBWK drive offers energy savings using only the power the application requires. GFCI software allows the drive to operate with Ground Fault Circuit Interruption circuit breakers or outlets.

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KBWK 23D Digital AC Drive

Fall 2014 Training Dates

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls

We are pleased to announce the availability of training at our Coral Springs factory this fall. Training includes Penta Power and KB Genesis products. Training sessions are held in our on-site classroom. This classroom is equipped with lab benches and offers “hands on” learning of models of our speed controls, complete with metering and motors. Each class can accommodate up to eight students.

The two day class includes the basics of AC & DC motor speed controls. The course covers all our models, VFD, SCR, PWM and Battery. An agenda for the class can be found on the following page. Tours of the KB Factory and Engineering Department are also included.

This training is designed for outside and inside distributor sales personnel. The students will learn how to specify and sell all of our products. Extensive discussion of typical applications will be included. Course materials given to students will include distributor binders.

Training Dates:

October 9 & 10, 2014   Thursday 8:30AM to Friday 3:00PM

November 6 & 7, 2014    Thursday 8:30AM to Friday 3:00PM

December 4 & 5, 2014    Thursday 8:30AM to Friday 3:00PM

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How does using a variable speed drive reduce energy consumption?

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls


Installing a variable speed drive allows direct control of the motor output speed to meet the application demands. As the speed is reduced, the power required decreases. By operating the system at the lowest possible speed required for the application, energy consumption is reduced.  For example, at 80 percent speed, only 51 percent of full load power is required to drive a pump or a fan. 

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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for a Commercial Convection Oven

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturer of AC Drives, DC Drives & Variable Speed Controls



A convection oven utilizes a stirring fan to circulate heated air which substantially reduces cooking time. The customer was purchasing an expensive drive manufactured in Europe which they desired to replace with a low cost drive manufactured in the USA.

In the application, the drive receives serial communication commands from a PLC that provides the user with various cooking recipes. A standard drive could not be used because the communication protocol, although similar to Modbus, was unique and proprietary.

KB Solution:

The low cost KBVF Series VFD, with the DIDF Serial Communications Module, was chosen for this application. KB engineers were able to decode the proprietary serial communications protocol and reprogram the standard DIDF Communications Module.

The result was exactly what the customer desired-a low cost VFD assembled in the USA with proprietary serial communications. 

KBVF Series Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for a Commercial Convection Oven

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