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QTY Item Penta Power Literature for
Controls & Accessories
L9765 Customer Binder
A42067A General Catalog GC-115
A42095 Penta Power Product Selection Guide
A42146 Inverter Selection Guide
A42092C KBVF Data Sheet (D-800)
A42098 SIVF Data Sheet (D-805)
A42103 KBAC Data Sheet (D-810)
A42108 SIAC Data Sheet (D-815)
A42104 KBRC Data Sheet (D-430)
A42109 SIRC Data Sheet (D-431)
A42102 KBPW Data Sheet (D-105)
A42094 KBMG-212D Data Sheet (D-420)
A42101 SIMG Data Sheet (D-425)
A42110 KBMG-212D MSB Data Sheet (D-426)
A42105 KBWS Data Sheet (D-435)
A42116 KBBC Data Sheet (D-905)
A42057A KBMM SMT Data Sheet (D-100)
A42036 KBMK Data Sheet (D-813)
A42226 KBDA Data Sheet (D-1015)
A42027 RFI Filters & Chokes Selection Guide
A42112 KBRF-250 Data Sheet (D-313)
A42113 KBRF-350 Data Sheet (D-320)
A40999 Resistor and Fuse Selection Tab
QTY Item Sales Sheets
A42151 KBDA Sales Sheet
A42152 KBAC Sales Sheet
A42046 KBDF Sales Sheet
A42153 KBMK Sales Sheet
A42154 KBMA Sales Sheet
A42155 KBVF Sales Sheet
A42167 KBWA Sales Sheet
A42161 Custom Drive Sell Sheet
A42337 Build a Drive Guide
QTY Item Price Schedules &
Distributor Info
L9755 Distributor Binder
A42087 Confidential Distributor Multiplier
A42082 Ditributor Price Schedule
QTY Item Instruction Manuals for Controls
A40289 KBAC Series
A40250 KBAP-240D
A40227 KBCC-255
A40402 KBDA Series
A40177 KBDF Series
A40280 KBET-240D
A40202 KBIC
A40241A KBMD-240D
A40263 KBMG-212D
A40401 KBMG Multi Speed Board
A40167 KBMK
A40209 KBMM
A40210A KBPB
A40350 KBPC-225
A40400 KBPC-240D
A40360 KBPW-240D
A40252 KBRC-240D
A40260 KBRG-240D/225D
A40287 KBRG-255
A40255 KBSI-240D
A40288 KBVF (Single Phase)
A40388 KBVF (Three Phase)
A40179 KBWA Series
A40297 KBWS
A40274 KBWD-13/16
A40275 KBWM
A40130 KBWT
QTY Item Instruction Manuals for Accessories
A40265 APRM-PC
A40266 KBRF-200
A40267 KBRF-300
A40278 SI-4X
A40256 SI-5, SI-6
A40269 SIMG
A40264 SIVF
QTY Item Promotional Material
A43090 KB Baseball Cap
A80010 KB Trimpot Adjusters
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