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Accessory Mounting Kit for KBRG-212D/-213D DC Drives

Many customers use our KBRG regenerative DC drives with accessory boards such as the SI-4X bipolar signal isolator board, the 4 Quad Accel/Decel board or the Multi-Speed board. These boards include mounting hardware for use with the KBRG-240D/225D/255 DC drives. The accessory boards can also be used with the KBRG-212D/213D models. However, additional parts are required, and are supplied in the Accessory Mounting Kit (SC# 8820). This Accessory Mounting Kit can be ordered at No Charge when ordered with KBRG-212D or KBRG-213D DC drives, or for stock. The items included in the Accessory Kit are:

  • (1) BRACKET (STEEL, BLACK) (A34260)
  • (4) 6/32 x 3/8 SCREWS (A36068)
  • (4) SPACERS (#92) (A49401)
  • (2) 6/32 x 1/4 SCREWS (A36067)

When used with the KBRG-213D DC drive, the SI-4X will work only for the speed reference signal. For inhibit, the customer will have to provide an isolated solid state switch or interposing relay to the inhibit terminals on the KBRG-213D. Please consult connection diagrams for more information. These drawings are included in the hardware bag of the Accessory Mounting Kit.

If you have any questions regarding these, or any other KB speed controls or products, please contact our Applications Engineer or your Regional Sales Manager.

Click here for this KB Technical Note or Buletin in PDFSincerely,

Richard Fritts
National Sales Manager


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