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Confusing Terms for? What to Call it?

The following terms can be used interchangeably since they all refer to the same product. They have all evolved through time and to different industries can have different meanings.

In our industry, which is Electronic Controls for Electric Motors, Electronic Controls have many different names. They are as follows:

  1. Variable Speed Motor Controls
  2. Variable Speed DC Motor Controls
  3. SCR Motor Speed Controls
  4. SCR DC Motor Controls
  5. DC Motor Speed Controls
  6. Adjustable Speed Controls
  7. AC Inverters
  8. AC Motor Speed Control
  9. Adjustable Frequency Drive
  10. Variable Frequency Drives
  11. VFD's
  12. AC Drives
  13. DC Drive
  14. DC Drives

According to all of the search engine data the number 1 and 2 terms most used to describe Electronic Controls for DC Electric Motors is DC Drive and DC Drives.

On the mechanical end of the electrical motor, the gearbox is often referred to as the drive. Also, the motor manufacturer will refer to the motor as drive or the motor and gearbox as a drive system.

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