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KBMG vs. KBRG Regenerative DC Drives Comparison

This note provides a comparison of features between the ultra-compact KBMG-212D DC Drive and the full-featured KBRG-240D DC Drive. Although each DC Drive has a maximum rating of 2 HP, the KBRG-240D DC Drive has additional features that may be necessary for some applications.

The KBMG-212D DC Drive is a direct replacement for the KBRG-212D DC Drive. Although smaller, the KBMG-212D DC Drive has many of the same features, trimpot adjustments and jumper selections as the KBRG-212D. In addition, when mounted on our auxiliary 7" heatsink, the max DC load current is raised to 11.0 amps. This allows the drive to power up to a 1 HP, 90 VDC or 2 HP, 180 VDC motor.


KBMG vs. KBRG Regenerative DC Drives Comparison

KBMG vs. KBRG Regenerative DC Drives ComparisonSincerely,

Richard Fritts
National Sales Manager


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